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Cherubim Hymn 2.0 + Ectenia (in Greek)

Religious/Orthodox • 2015 • Lyricist: old sacred text • Alternative Title: Cherubiс Hymn, Херувимская Песнь, Cherubin Hymn

Cherubim Hymn 2.0 + Ectenia (in Greek)

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Seller Rada Po
PDF, 894.4 Kb ID: SM-000235926 Upload date: 14 Dec 2015
Mixed choir
Scored for
Quartet, Choir
Type of score
Vocal score
D minor
Rada Po
Rada Po
For mixed choir, Greek text from the Divine Liturgy of the Holy Orthodox Church.
There`s the Litany example based on the musical material of the opus in the end of it.

"Cherubic Hymn" is the music accompanying the Orthodox Church services.
The music`s based on the drafts of Serbian-Bulgarian archive - the collected sheet music for Choir (Govorovo), that had been developed into Mefody`s Choir lately.

Аudio piece performed by Mefody`s Choir (2016)
Genre: Easy Listening: Harmony Vocal Group
CD Baby Release Date: 2016
© Copyright - Rada Pokarzhevskaya / Mefody's Choir (190394294175)
Prayer song 'Lord, now lettest Thou Thy servant' based on the tune of Cherubic Hymn 2.0 (RU lyrics, - here:
Cherubic Hymn 2.0 in RU (, with Ectenia) - here:
Cherubic Hymn 2.0 in EN (, with Ectenia) - here:
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