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Salsa Junky

Jazz/Latin • 2016

Salsa Junky

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PDF, 487.1 Kb ID: SM-000242034 Upload date: 19 Mar 2016
Piano, Bass guitar, Drum set, Free choice: Any Instrument
Scored for
Trio, Quartet, Quintet, Sextet
Type of score
Full score, Parts
F major
A lively piece written for my friend Ryan, who just can't get enough of Latin music. The piece is in leadsheet form, with a "score" included to give people an overview. It's an easy piece which would be suitable for those who are newer to jazz/Latin music, although I'm sure it would be lots of fun for skilled performers as well. The recording is a very simplistic 'head-solo-head' arrangement, but this is for demonstration purposes only and I'd really encourage performers to think about what interesting things they could do with the chart!

It's designed for 2 or more lead instruments, with a riff for one (preferably an alto-pitched instrument) and the main tune for the rest. At section B, all the instruments join forces to play in unison before splitting back to their parts for the final section. The piece could also work with just one horn with the piano playing the backing riff, or the riff can be done away with entirely.

I have tried to make the leadsheet informative but have removed clutter - I did originally have the horn 1 riff running throughout, but it was far too difficult to read both riff and melody together. The parts available are in Eb, Bb, C treble and C bass.

As always, please get in touch with any comments, questions or requests - - hope you enjoy the piece!
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