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Mantra II for tenor saxophone and piano

Classical/Contemporary • 2001

Mantra II for tenor saxophone and piano

7.80 USD

Seller Hans Bakker
PDF, 2.36 Mb ID: SM-000246577 Upload date: 28 Apr 2016
Piano, Tenor Saxophone
Scored for
Solo, Accompanying piano
Type of score
Score for two performers, Solo part
C minor
Hans Bakker
2nd track of enhanced CD The Unnamed Source. ( see Gallery )
A mantra is a sacred formula used to tune the soul like an instrument. It focuses not only on a word's meaning, but also on the forms and sounds of the word. Inspiration for the three Mantras came from "Funken" ("Sparks"), a collection of short mantra-like German texts by the Swiss writer and painter Joseph Anton Schneiderfranken (Bô Yin Râ). My intention was to transfer the essence of three of those texts into music.
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Here you can listen to the CD: And on YouTube:

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