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Vondelpark - De Speelplaats van Childrens (Performance Bundle), Op.5

Classical/Symphonic music • 2008 • Lyricist: Richard L. Matthis • Alternative Title: Vondelpark - The Children's Playground

Vondelpark - De Speelplaats van Childrens (Performance Bundle)

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ZIP, 38.06 Mb ID: SM-000028389 Upload date: 23 Jun 2010
Piano, Flute, Clarinet, Bassoon, Oboe, Cor anglais, Horn, Trombone, Trumpet, Violin, Viola, Cello, Double bass, Harp, Tubular Bells, Snare drum, Marimba, Soprano, Bass, Children’s voice, Contrabassoon, Bass drum, Bass Clarinet, Alto Saxophone, Tenor Saxophone
Scored for
Symphonic orchestra
Type of score
Full score, Parts
Richard L. Matthis
Richard L. Matthis
English, Dutch
Opus 5
Vondelpark - De Speelplaats van Childrens

Vondelpark - The Children's Playground

Approx. Time: 15 minutes, 14 seconds

We researched parks and fairgrounds around the world and decided to create a composition about children playing in a park, Vondelpark, Amsterdam, The Netherlands. We decided to use the spoken voices of a Dutch family in the piece to provide some counterpoint to the music. Entire text used in the piece is in Dutch. We utilized Alta Vista Babelfish for the transliteration.

When trying to come up with popular names for the two children's voices featured in the composition, we decided that the names of the reigning Queen and the Prince of Orange would have to be names often chosen by mothers and fathers in The Netherlands. So, the names Beatrix and Willem are used for the names of the children in the spoken voices section of the composition.

Full Score: 18 x 30 (29 pages)
Instrumental Parts: 11 x 17

Performance Bundle: Includes full score and one copy of each instrumental part

U.S. Copyright Registration: PAU3351968 - 7/9/08; PAU3375787 - 12/3/08
ASCAP Title No.: 520692379
USIRIC: QZ-CK6-18-A8003

Copyrighted Audio, Music Video Registered With: Harry Fox (HFA), SoundExchange, MusicReports, USIRIC, AARC, RIAA, SESAC, Rumblefish


3, 3+english, 3+bass+alto sax 2+tenor sax 2, 2+contra - 3, 3, 3, 0 - marimba+bass, harp, tubular bells, snare 2+bass 2, piano - spoken+soprano+girl+boy+bass -

Flute 1-3
Oboe 1-3
English Horn
Clarinet in Bb 1-3
Bass Clarinet
Alto Saxophone 1-2
Tenor Saxophone 1-2
Bassoon 1-2
Contra bassoon
Horn in F 1-3
Trumpet in Bb 1-3
Trombone 1-3
Harp 1-2
Marimba 1-2
Bass Marimba 1-2
Tubular Bells
Snare Drum 1-2
Bass Drum 1-2
Spoken Voice ― Soprano
Spoken Voice ― Girl
Spoken Voice -- Bass
Spoken Voice ― Boy
Violin 1-2
Viola 1-2
Cello 1-2
Double Bass 1-2
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