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Emotions for piano solo, Op.69

Classical/Contemporary • 2017

Emotions for piano solo

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Panagiotis Theodossiou
"Emotions" for piano solo "Mirroring the realm of emotions..." after a sculptural triptych by M. Dedie Mourtzini (2017).
The parts:
I. Fear (Fear is the reaction to what is happening. It conquers, it determines, it dictates, it directs human emotions and actions. Fear, is the reaction to the stimuus. Like a flickering of divine energy, its trepidation resembles a relentess flirtation surrounding the human soul. At the same time, it represends an experience of an inner awakening. The soul is shaken in awe. Fear, undefined, shapeless, staggering, yet its reign is unqestionable.)
II. Sorrow - Contemplation (The moments of sorrow leads to contemplation. It is a Turning Point. It is the moment when these inseparably paired emotions touch upon the circumstances. The breath of circumstances however brings juxtaposition, conflict and tension to the soul. The Past has ended and its pains cannot be forgotten. The Present is being confronted. The Future is being born within the innermost past of the soul. Sorrow - Isolation - Profound Thinking - Contemplation are the preconditions for the handling of situations, circumstances, thoughts, emotions both in the Present and the Future.)
III. Embrace (The end of Sorrow - Contemplation. The moment of need for the soul. The need to fill in the empty, to cover, to relieve, to fee compassion, to sooth, to support, to protect.)
"Under unfavorable conditions, in times of trouble, or emergency space is being "transformed" and "transported". When man is called upon to rescue or transport his valuables, the momentof change knocks upon the door of human existence. The volatiity of the current world, conditions, past experiences, wounds losses, sa well as future anticipations, aspirations and expectations, all help create an emotional, imaginary "space" within the human mind, emotions heart and soul. The center of gravity of human existence now becomes man himself. Space "moves" inwards. The realm of emotions is the most private and sacred space.
Emotions become the center of gravity of the human soul. Interchanging, they settle in, they conquer, they determine, gthey dictate.Personal experience is the premise. Th eimprint of the material word is mirrored in the realm of the human emotions. The sculptural triptych intents to incarnate successively the emotions escorting the basic human emotions of Need and Loss." (M. Dedie Mourtzini)
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