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String Quartet No.2, Op.68

Classical/Contemporary • 2017

String Quartet No.2

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Violin, Viola, Cello
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Panagiotis Theodossiou
String Quartet n.2 "To the uknown..." Nikos Goulias in memoriam, for string quartet (2017).
Work written within the framework of composer's postgraduate studies on "Composition for Vocal and Instrumental Ensembles" in Ionian university.
The parts:
1st Mouvement (Dies Irae)
a. March, "Death is approaching"
b. Fugue, "Soul is chased"
c. Canon i, "Back to the body"
d. Canon ii, "To the last breath"
e. Coda, :The End"
2nd Mouvement (Variations on a Theme"
Theme, Lento misterioso: "Leaving the body..."
Var. I: "Soul is alone"
Var. II: "...and begins to wander..."
Var. III: "Pain from above"
Var IV: Very intimate, "To the uknown..."
Epilogue, Lento
The work is based in three structural elements: A symmetrical tone - semitone scale, the characteristic motive of "Dies Irae" hymn, and a 12 tone series on the nameletters of the honoured person. It is dedicated to architect and author Nikos Goulias, composer's cousin, and is the music equivalent of the journey of the soul during and after death.
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