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Domine Pater

Classical/Motet • 1994 • Lyricist: old sacred text • Alternative Title: Oh Father and God

Domine Pater

Title by uploader: Domine Pater - C. Monteverdi Sacra Cantiuncula

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Seller Joan Yakkey
PDF, 178.9 Kb ID: SM-000292854 Upload date: 27 Jul 2017
Female choir: Soprano, Alto, Tenor; Children’s choir: Soprano, Alto, Tenor
Scored for
Trio, Choir
Type of score
Vocal score
A major
Joan Yakkey
Joan Yakkey
This is one of several short sacred motets written by the adolescent Claudio Monteverdi during the years that he studied with his Maestro Marc' Antonio Ingegneri. The Group on the recording from 1996 is the Ensemble Vocale Barbara Strozzi from Florence Italy. The motet can be sung a little faster than the sample presented, and can be performed by a Chorus of Equal voices or by three soloists, SSA / SMA / SAT . The original mode is based on F, as is most of the Renaissance literature, where singers transposed works at will.

O Father and God of my life;
Do not abbandon me to the power of evil thoughts,
nor to the haughtiness in my eyes;
Do not give me your strength
and keep far from my mind all my desires.
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