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Four Flutes Flowing – Flute Quartet

Classical/Chamber music • 2017

Four Flutes Flowing – Flute Quartet

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Seller Mike Lyons
PDF, 774.8 Kb ID: SM-000293605 Upload date: 09 Aug 2017
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G major
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Mike Lyons
A brand new, original piece for flute quartet (4 flutes, no bass/alto) written for Sue Pamp wo asked me to write this for her group. The piece has three movements:

1. Spring: This movement depicts the birds and fowers in spring as the world comes to life after winter. halting at first, the new growth soon progresses to a hubub of sound. The ending is not a typical cadence, because I didn't want it to feel finished or in any way complete.

2. Aurora: Named for the goddess of the dawn, strange harbinger of new beginnings. Aurora is ethereal and strange, difficult to pin down. Although the music is slow in tempo, the shifting harmonies make much use of dissonance to create a feeling of evanescence and instability.

3 Life Stream: A final joyous shout as life grows at an exponential rate, filling the air with joyful sounds.
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