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Egomia for Woodwind Quintet, Op.42

Classical/Contemporary • 2009

Egomia for Woodwind Quintet

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Flute, Clarinet, Bassoon, Oboe, Horn
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Panagiotis Theodossiou
“Egomia”, Concert Monologues, for Wind Quintet (2009)
Ι. “Stasis I”, Lento, come un recitativo
II. “Stasis II”, L ‘istesso tempo, molto ritmico
III. “Stasis III”, Passacaglia Ritmica, L ‘istesso tempo, grave
A work of free serialism, composed on the ritual of the “Egomia”, a very famous litany of the Eastern Orthodox Church which takes place on Holly Friday.
It consist of 3 parts, 3 “Stasis”, according to the traditional ritual. The unaccompanied monologues of the 1st “Stasis” lead to the virtuosic dialogues of the 2nd and to the general fortissimo tutti of the 3d. The work has a version with narration on the prototype text of the traditional ritual.
It was written on November 2009 for the “Q” innegal Wind Quintet which gave the premier at the German Evangelic Church in Athens next year and is dedicated to composer’s stepmother, Eleni, who died after the completion of the work. The 3d part has also a dedication to Olivier Messiaen, on the musical style of whom there are intentional references.
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