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Le Chevalier de Chattevois (Sir Purrsifal) for alto voice and guitar

Classical/Song • 2017 • Lyricist: Paul Maertens

Le Chevalier de Chattevois (Sir Purrsifal) for alto voice and guitar

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PDF, 393.1 Kb ID: SM-000296068 Upload date: 06 Sep 2017
Contralto, Countertenor, Classical guitar
Scored for
Type of score
Full score, Parts
David W Solomons
Setting of a poem by fellow cat-lover Paul Maertens.
The cat goes hunting in the fog but he is distracted by a beautiful female cat and his prey escapes.
Various instrumental versions of this music are also available under the name "Dorina" (because it is in the Dorian mode)

The pdf file contains score and parts.
The sound sample is my original performance.


The words are as follows (English version shown below)

Comme il avait coutume,
le chevalier de Chattevois chassait dans le brouillard épais
les craquements inquiets que débusquait le vent.

Hors soudain la caresse bondissante d'un ruisseau cristalin
lui barra le chemin
Sur une haute branche un rossignol chantait
et dans l'arbre il s'apprêtait à grimper.
quand le vent parfumé dérouta son embûche

Dans sa robe blanche la belle promenait
plus belle que le jour
Ses grands yeux félins semblaient s'abreuver
et dans l'eau troublante se noyaient aveuglés
Elle semblait flotter quand l'eau vibrante disloqua ses contours.

Notre héros trébucha
Vers le brouillard épais le rossignol vola
Sans laisser gente plume le rossignol vola
De Chattevoix chatte a vu et distrait a trahi son embûche!

English version by D W Solomons

As was his custom every day
Sir Purrsifal would go hunting in the thick fog
investigating worried creaking sounds flushed out by the wind.

Suddenly the leaping kisses of a crystal river
barred his way.
On a high branch a nightingale sang
and our knight prepared to climb
but his hunt was thrown by a sweet smell.

In her coat of white she passed by
lovelier than the day
Her large feline eyes seemed to drink
of the ruffled waters and drowned him in utter blindness
She seemed to float as the moving waters changed her very shape.

Our hero stumbled
The nightingale flew into the fog
and left not a plume behind.
Sir Purrsifal, distracted by his love, could surely hunt no more!
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0:00 Le Chevalier de Chattevois (Sir Purrsifal) for alto voice and guitar