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Unexpected, Unpredictable

Classical/Song • Lyricist: Bronwyn Edwards

Unexpected, Unpredictable

Unexpected, Unpredictable: Unexpected, Unpredictable by Bronwyn Edwards

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Piano, Flute, Mixed choir
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The Wonder Cantata was composed in 2011 and performed by the Chancel Choir, Fauntleroy Church UCC at the choir's Christmas concert. The lyrics for the Cantata were developed by composer Bronwyn Edwards (Music Director at Fauntleroy Church) after a conversation about the wonder of Christmas with the then-Senior Pastor at Fauntleroy Church, Reverend David Kratz and chorister Greg Dirks.

Following are Reverend Kratz's reflections, which inspired the second song of the Cantata, entitled "Unexpected, Unpredictable."

Generations waited and yearned for God to come into the world and restore the Kingdom of God on earth. They may have expected the culmination of history. Or the end of the world. None could have anticipated the events as they occurred. It was all so unexpected -- the prophet, John the Baptist, born to aged parents; God's son Jesus Christ, born of a virgin. When we read the Bible, the story of Christ's humble birth awakens our hope. We experience Wonder; our minds "open out" -- we become vulnerable to the possible. And rather than being constrained by what we think the limits are, we allow a process that's volatile to happen. And when it happens, it's wonderful!

These reflections were part of the performance, helping the listener to better understand the concepts behind the music
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