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Concerto for Bass Saxophone and Strings – score and solo part, Op.110

Classical/Concerto • 1999

Concerto for Bass Saxophone and Strings – score and solo part

Title by uploader: Carson Cooman: Concerto for Bass Saxophone and Strings – score and solo part, Op.110

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PDF, 0.99 Mb ID: SM-000324726 Upload date: 25 Jan 2018
Violin, Viola, Cello, Double bass, Bass Saxophone
Scored for
Solo, String orchestra
Type of score
Full score, Solo part
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Musik Fabrik
I. Chaconne: "...a continuum of dreams..."
II. Cadenza
III. Toccata

Concerto for Bass Saxophone and Strings (1999) was commissioned by bass
saxophonist Andreas van Zoelen (with generous support from the Broeker Fund for New Music) and is dedicated with appreciation and admiration to him. Van Zoelen is committed to enhancing the very small existing bass saxophone repertoire through supporting the creation and performance of new works. The subtitle of the first movement ("...a continuum of dreams...") could be seen as a sort of subtitle for the entire work that sets the mood and provides unification for the entire piece. The first movement is a slow and ethereal chaconne. The strings and the saxophone interact in various ways throughout this movement in non-traditional form. There are actually two "ground bass" themes; one is introduced at the beginning with pizzicato strings
but soon moves to the background (although it is almost always present). The second is presented near the end of the work and eventually the two are combined. The interval of an "augmented fourth" (tritone) has special use throughout the movement as a variety of themes and motifs are transformed throughout. The second movement is a cadenza for the unaccompanied saxophone. The third movement is a fast and wild toccata. The saxophone plays almost without rest for the entire movement. A middle section recalls the theme of "augmented fourths" from the first movement. Heavy use is made of pizzicato strings. The saxophone part for this movement is highly virtuosic, exploring the full possibilities and range of the instrument.

This item is the score and solo part only. The orchestral parts are on rental from the publisher.
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