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Temptations. Dialogues for clarinet and viola, Op.26

Classical/Contemporary • 2004

Temptations. Dialogues for clarinet and viola

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Clarinet, Viola
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Score for two performers, Parts
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Panagiotis Theodossiou
“Temptations”, Dialogues for clarinet and viola (2004), The work written for the duo: Giannis Sabrovalakis-Andreas Georgotas in a programmatic character, is a series of variations in a concertante style. The exposition of intervallic and motivic elements in the introduction (In the Desert), leads suddenly and unexpectedly (as it fits to a temptation) to 9 short appearances - disguises (Apparitions) - the 5th is a prayer and the 8th a Devil’s Dance. Finale (Flames) is in the peak of technical and expressional demands. Large intervals growing high like a cry to the listener between the two instruments and the strict contrapuntal writing suggest an interchange of roles between the tempting one and the other being tempted. Devil’s Dance and Finale rearranged later as parts of the “String Quartet” (2006).
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0:00 Temptations. Dialogues for clarinet and viola