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Gran Muñeca

World / Ethnic/Tango • Alternative Title: Great Wrist

Gran Muñeca

Gran Muñeca: Gran Muñeca by Alfredo Bevilacqua

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PDF, 1.33 Mb ID: SM-000344111 Upload date: 14 Nov 2018
Piano, Bandoneon, Violin, Viola, Cello, Double bass
Scored for
Large ensemble (9 or more players)
Type of score
Full score, Parts
C minor
Tío Lavandina
Alfredo Bevilacqua (February 20, 1874 - July 1, 1942,
Buenos Aires - Argentina): Pianist, composer and director.
Talking about Don Alfredo is remembering one of the greatest exponents
of the Old Guard.
His first tango was performed in 1902: "Venus", and it was the musical apotheosis,
since from that work Don Alfredo started the path that would take him
to total success.
He was the author of many tangos: "Apolo", he published it in 1903 and it was recorded
by the band Victor in 1905; in 1906 he published "Minguito", beautiful tango and,
as a corollary of his authorial career he dedicated the jockey Torterolo
the tango "Gran Muñeca".
Arrangement made in the style of the '20s (in a style between the "old guard" and "the
edge of the sextets"), with great influence of the Master D'Agostino.
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