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Blue Stone Fantasy, Op.11

Classical/Chamber music • 1983

Blue Stone Fantasy

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Flute, Horn, Cello, Harp
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I Ching Music
Dedicated to my friend Robert Gardyne
Written in March of 1983 after the poem (following)

Final copy was made January of 2015. Revisions have been mearly to make the harp part more playable.

The Blue Stone
Sunsets of turquoise and lambs’ white fleece
Swirled leagues away in the palm of my hand.

Cool and noble Stone of priceless lease

Granted to a man of common birth.

On a day as fragrant as a Spring in May’
While I crafted stones in my cottage small,

Outside did the river softly sing

And to my heart compulsion bring

Drawing me from hearth with potent call

To travel along an unknown way.

Uncountable are the hours or the days

'Till I walked along a moonlit sea

And fell asleep upon the shore ;

The waves arose and beckoned me

In dream to a cove never visited.

There amid water, rushing, churning,

The sea did part to fulfill my yearning,

Quested object no more concealed,

Blue Stone to my eyes revealed.

I awoke in golden streams of sunlight,

Ocean kissing my sandy bed,

The sky blue above my hands could reach

My eyes picked the path that homeward led

While the Stone my pocket gently tended.
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