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Three Exercises - for Alto Recorder in G (Flute or Violin) and Piano

Classical/Contemporary • 2019

Three Exercises - for Alto Recorder in G (Flute or Violin) and Piano

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Seller Paul Burnell
PDF, 1.10 Mb ID: SM-000370987 Upload date: 05 Sep 2019
Piano, Flute, Violin, Alto Recorder
Scored for
Solo, Accompanying piano
Type of score
Score for two performers, Solo part
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Paul Burnell
Three Exercises - Paul Burnell, composed 2019
Duration 7:20
For Treble Recorder in G (Flute or Violin) and Piano

First performed by Hannah Cresswell (flute) and Constance Chow (piano) at the Southwell Music Festival, Southwell, UK, 26 August 2019.

The pianist may include additional pedalling at their own discretion, in a manner similar to the existing pedal markings.

With regard to the instruction for the recorder/flute/violin in the third movement b.162-168: the performer may either take a rest (tacet), or could ‘mime’ - and by that it is anticipated that the performer would not produce any sound. The miming can be a theatrical gesture, rather than looking for a sonic effect, as if the volume control has been turned to zero, but the visuals still show someone playing. However, there will likely be some fingering sound when miming and it is equally acceptable for the performer to exaggerate fingering sounds in these bars. The piano plays as normal in these bars.

The movements may be played separately or together in any order.

Programme note:
'Three Exercises' was written in 2019 for Ina Dau in response to a request for a piece for 'Ganassi Recorder'. The piece is written for an Alto Recorder in G with Piano, but it may also be played on any other appropriate instruments. The title reflects the repetitive nature of the music in each of the three movements.
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0:00 Three Exercises - for Alto Recorder in G (Flute or Violin) and Piano