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Ueoaa, for SATB choir

Classical/Choral music • 2019

Ueoaa, for SATB choir

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PDF, 274.1 Kb ID: SM-000379825 Upload date: 26 Jan 2020
Mixed choir: Soprano, Alto, Tenor, Bass
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Type of score
Piano-vocal score
Marek Drzewiecki
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Each singer chooses the vowel to sing depending on how they feel:

A (ah) - very positive, love, gratitude, blissful, loving, ecstatic...
O (oh) - positive, happy, amused, curious, ...
E (eh) - negative, irritated, anxious, sad, ...
U (oo) - very negative, depressed, terrified, angry, ashamed ...

In the age of information, we often forget how essential it is to stay connected with ourselves. From personal perspective, how we feel is a mechanism that guides us through life situations. My idea was that sharing emotions together has a real benefits to an individual as well as society.

Writing this composition I wanted to give communities a special space to sing with each other when the times are hard, and I wanted to inspire people to sing together in moments of joy.
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