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Like Other People (Come le Altre Persone)

Pop/Ballad • 2020 • Lyricist: Monica Bergo

Like Other People (Come le Altre Persone)


Uploader Monica Bergo
PDF, 288.2 Kb ID: SM-000384231 Upload date: 29 Mar 2020
Piano, Violin, Viola da gamba, Bass drum
Type of score
Full score
Monica Bergo
Music and song composed by me


It would be nice to be out for hours
Without anxiety he continues to have to return
And walk with the sun in your eyes
With the security that will last
It would be nice yes
Not having to fight
For everything that is normal for others

It would be nice to have had a mother
You can count on and trust
My uncertainties, all my fears
Then in his arms let go
It would be sweet yes
To love her
it would be nice yes
laugh together

like other people
born and raised in the name of love
who have someone who pushes them to fly
and strong arms to fall into
but I'm not like other people

think how strange still in that church
I dressed as a bride that I run away
if nobody would have bet on us
in hindsight now
I wouldn't do it again
it would be nice if it wasn't unreal
have a normal relationship for the 2 of us

like other people
who support and walk together
who have something that pushes them to come back
who share their fears
because they are not like other people

And I will carry on these comedies of mine
And then I will say "it's all right" to those who ask
And I will be moved wherever I perceive love
it won't be for me but it's good for me
I will reflect only in front of black mirrors
and I will look different from how I was yesterday
in my theater
a thousand scripts to learn
and a thousand masks to become

like other people
who have a place where a smile is waiting for you
that does not matter the gray sky outside
if when they come back there is a colorful world
I can only dream of it but maybe you can understand
because I would like to become ..
like other people

Monica Bergo
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