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As If By Magic

Pop/Ballad • Lyricist: Monica Bergo

As If By Magic

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Seller Monica Bergo
PDF, 220.3 Kb ID: SM-000385365 Upload date: 07 Apr 2020
Type of score
For a single performer
Monica Bergo
Music and song composed by me


As if by magic
stop your time
change your world
and you are no longer here

Like snow
that comes down and settles
the mind rests
from its depths

There were no flowers
in your garden
 you love its perfume
and you flew away

like phoenix
you cancel and rise again
 you invent memories
to run away from ...

you are allowed
in dreams you are
nothing and everything

And you're small, fragile
and peace you don't have
think of the many sins
and you can't pray
While you touch people
who knows where it goes
you walk in the nothingness of this city
but you're blind butterfly
and you can't fly
and you stumble, you stagger, you fade in ..

dust you are white but you don't have
the purity and candor I would like

while the dark doesn't want to leave you anymore
you can create the charm
give your breath to the scream closed in you
invent a place that is not there

 your story already read
there is no color or poetry
only numbness
who knows
that one day will have the same
slaves of the dark ...

are you awake
come on, you have to go
time is running out

so small, fragile
maybe you are not
you have found the courage and you don't want to die
that blind butterfly
the road now knows
chase her and find your identity

in the mirror that misted shadow goes away
hold on to the light
and remember that
the enchantment is within us
now you can pray
if you want it...

                                                                                         Monica Bergo
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