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And While It's Raining Outside

Pop/Ballad • Lyricist: Monica Bergo

And While It's Raining Outside

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Seller Monica Bergo
PDF, 305.0 Kb ID: SM-000385393 Upload date: 08 Apr 2020
Type of score
For a single performer
Monica Bergo
Music and song composed by me

And while it's raining outside

Breathe so slowly
You do not want disturb me
aspects that a smile
you can light
you're sweet and delicate
an angel lost
I look at you and I hurt the heart
and while it's raining outside

while you're watching me
I breathing your taste
and as it were a sea
I dive in pain
Your flight inhibited
the trampled dreams
"I would have been able to love"
and while it's raining outside

I miss the breath
in this room I
now I can not neither breathe
and you knock at my castle without a king
but now I can not let you in
and it is far from the day in which for you
I sacrificed everything and I offered my heart
I remember well your words
"I'm not a man, let me go"
Now you understand where you stand
but I was so tired of waiting
and love crumbs upon us
2 Peter Pan grew ever

the stars more shine
faster then disappear
planets who weep
and my colors melt
the rain which shut down
your useless fantasies
give me another age
and new opportunities

raining outside
you relegates me in this limbo
of questions and regret
I preferred your silence
and I’m witch and later Queen
a realm without enchantment
you not return to my world
if you turn the water into tears

rains inside me
in the soul
stop there
seek your image
but you are no longer
that frail boy
who invented fables
and he peered clouds
Who are you now?

stay here
hugging a nightmare
in my atypically
I think of you
and rush
alone in this abyss
the wingspan makes me planar

lull chords
and notes caress
souls dance
to the rhythm of a thrill
I play for what could and is not
play just for you

Torture me, deceive me
let me decide
if not a dream I can survive
falls the curtain of time on us
strange actors of a later
was staged never

as a disease
who does not care and that will not heal
(You're inside me)
Heart pawing and loses its beats
mind that slips on these moments (and flies away)

screeching chains
on this our age
hands are grazed
and while it's raining outside (and inside me)

frail margin between dream and reality
thin the line between body and soul (and I would like you)
in size still to live
love me if you want
but not yet know where
and while it's raining outside

and I hold strong thread
a kite in my hand
a flight of thoughts
while you are away
my senses crazed
I swallow my sighs
and meanwhile the sun rises
but inside me……’s raining….

Monica Bergo
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