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50 Shades of....Nothing

Pop/Ballad • Lyricist: Monica Bergo

50 Shades of....Nothing

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Seller Monica Bergo
PDF, 229.9 Kb ID: SM-000386542 Upload date: 20 Apr 2020
Type of score
For a single performer
Monica Bergo
Music and song composed by me

♫ *'¨` * • .¸¸. ♫ 50 shades of .... nothing'¨` ♫ * * • .¸¸. ♫
At the doorway
you are there ,waiting for me
I know your wife and I know that you do not respect her,
you see me and you open up yourself in a sinister smile
I sigh and wait that you start your sad show ...
She asks you love
you answer with sex
I offer you my friendship
It would be fine the same?
it is true you are a stunner but not so important
if the soul does not shine
nothing takes me about you
Come on, explain to me again how smart you are
But remember that without her you are nothing
Your machismo hurts and offends
your shades of nothing
I bore me a bit '
you read a book?
I am affected
but a book will not change your life
you are swelled,
by Mister Gray're obsessed
you're just meat, no spirit and the wings do not have
and my colorful world not,
you not pollute
while you talking to me, peek at your reflection and I understand that
are 50 shades
But your fears are more ...

You, man rampant
I, woman inelegant
concrete and abstract
imperfect binomial
2 worlds in their own right
we remain distant
your shades of nothing , I do not regret
and while I realize that you want to scare me
I lose a laugh
you know, I feel safe
I have behind me
very worst nightmares
Christian Gray overstrain
stay away from me

you read a book?
You do not say!
And Mickey Mouse where did it end?
you read a book
I am affected
but a book will not change your life
in love with yourself, but I ask myself if
you're something to discover closed inside you
if you want to please everyone for the insecurities that you
with 50 shades
But your fears are more

and while I remain standing there watching
your car that
It makes a screech and disappears
I stop myself to think about how I lucky
to have a partner who has eyes only for me .......
Monica Bergo
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