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Pop/Ballad • Lyricist: Monica Bergo


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Seller Monica Bergo
PDF, 268.8 Kb ID: SM-000432285 Upload date: 01 May 2020
Type of score
Piano score
Monica Bergo
Music and song composed by me

♫ *'¨` * • .¸¸. ♫ ♫ * Addiction'¨` * • .¸¸. ♫
I seem you Free
Instead I’m chained ….

He approaches smiling
I dislike him already
there are few people on the subway
but he sits right here.
I ugly, a bit 'rickety
conscious of my limitations
I’m lost in the clouds
and I do my own business

He looks at me and is insistent
but to me what he will wants?
It 'a handsome man and elegant
maybe he's short-sighted, who knows?
From his piercing gaze
I feel pierce
and I'm already tired
and in the face I want to shout

Do you look like free
but I’m in love
Give me a piano, a guitar
and I spend all day
I become hysterical
when they bring me on vacation
because the seventh and turned just do not know do not
chronically ill
and I’m hopeless
But I do not want drugs
for this my addiction ..

You should come and bursts into the veins
with your chains
hold me more
I feel the boundless energy
flows between the fingers
and only you can
and you ease
my sorrows
You are my mate in the darkest moments
You will protect me
by my excesses
in this fake world
spark you will be

At the end decide his self
and apostrophizes me so
"You're my new neighbor,
my house is right there,
and at evening you enchanted me and would listen to you for hours
while you playing the piano
with you I can fly
and I know that maybe it's late
But I would like to try
I know that to children you give lesson
and also I want to learn "

But that smart man!
I like him already
I tell him the story of the slap that he risked a little while ago
He tells me he has a mate who loves him sweetly
I'd take kicks
diffident damn !!

We free fly
on our agreements in dissonance
forgetting every problem,
big trouble or task
chronically ill
of my own addiction
which infects, spreads
and enters into his life
only souls
and I bare his essence
while listening him solmizate
enters heaven in this room ..
. Monica Bergo
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