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Spring in Bad Kissingen


Spring in Bad Kissingen

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Uploader Igor Iventiev
PDF, 385.7 Kb ID: SM-000050207 Upload date: 19 Dec 2010
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Igor Iventiev
Year of composition
I wrote the piece in May, 24-27, 2000 upon the request of Mr.Bernd Raabe, a resident of Bad Kissingen and a local Catholic deacon. At that time me and my wife Rimma stayed at the house of Mr. and Mrs.Raabe as I was giving concerts in the city and on the outskirts. Mr.Raabe has an idea of a musical piece to be the city’s namecard. The piece was to be performed by the local orchestra in the blooming park throughout spring and summer season, in front of the crowds of guests strolling there and sipping spring water. Mr.Raabe was a local Rotary club member and they supported the idea and agreed to pay for it. In a couple of days the piece was written and we started negotiations with the orchestra’s conductor. It turned out that the orchestra for the most part consisted of Russian musicians and the conductor himself was Russian. Maybe because they were not eager to learn new music to fill the repertoire, or maybe due to a certain suspiciousness of the Russians to their compatriots abroad, our negotioations came to nothing. The piece remained unorchestrated. Its premiere performance took place at a Rotary club meeting. Later the piece among some other was recorded at a Nurnberng studio.
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comments Kaori 27 Oct 2012 20:44

Die Musik gefällt mir sehr...Ich finde sie sehr beschaulich. Die Harmonie erinnert irgendwie an Ravel oder Poulenc. Für die erfahrene Interpreten würde ich dieses schöne Stück bestimmt empfehlen. Man kann damit auch viel sagen, vieles ausdrücken... Ich höre mir den Klavierstück schon zum 5. Mal an :)

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