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Sonata for Violin and Piano

Classical/Sonata • 1990

Sonata for Violin and Piano

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PDF, 2.41 Mb ID: SM-000511938 Upload date: 17 Aug 2020
Piano, Violin
Scored for
Solo, Accompanying piano
Type of score
Score for two performers
1 to 5 from 5
Very difficult
Sonata consists of 5 movements. Only the third is written rhythmically conventionally, while the others utilize so called proportional notation: performers allocate notes within one- (three-, four-, five-) second sections according to graphical proportions between them. That means increasing role of rhythmic aleatory in the piece.

Pitch organization of the work is based on strict dodecaphony technique. However, the author sought to avoid mechanical dependence of all sound structures on sequence of 12 tones. Each tone or intervallic combination gives birth to the next one as if from inside. The main author's "method" was attentive listening to every separate tone or interval and penetrating into their inner hidden acoustic possibilities of development.
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