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I will receive the cup of salvation


I will receive the cup of salvation

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Mezzo-soprano, Tenor, Baritone, Bass, Mixed choir, Female choir, Male choir
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Vocal score
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Maxim Sozontovich Berezovsky (alternative transcriptions of names are Maxim Berezovski, Maksim Berezovsky or Maksym Berezovsky, Russian: Максим Созонтович Березовский) (ca. 1745 — 2 April 1777) was a Russian Imperial composer, opera singer, bassist and violinist, who studied in Italy and worked in the St. Petersburg Court Chapel.

Some researchers claim that Berezovsky was born in the area of Ukraine. Based on this hypothesis they observe Berezovsky as Ukrainian composer as well as Russian. However, no hard evidence exists for this information: both the year and the place of his birth are uncertain. Even the year 1745 has been refuted by the scholarship. The question of whether Berezovsky was born in Gluchov or studied there could not be resolved and is still a matter of some dispute.

Berezovsky was one of the first Russian Imperial composers in the 18th century to be recognized throughout Europe and the first to compose an opera, symphony, and violin sonata. His most popular works are his sacred choral pieces written for the Orthodox Church. Much of his work has been lost; only three of the 18 known choral concertos have been found. Dmitry Bortniansky was thought to be the first Russian symphonic composer until the discovery in 2002 of Berezovsky's Symphony in C by Steven Fox in the Vatican
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