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Anti-Love Songs

Classical/Choral music • 2018 • Lyricist: Pamela August Russell

Anti-Love Songs

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Seller Mario Gullo
PDF, 2.96 Mb ID: SM-000536333 Upload date: 31 May 2022
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Mario Gullo
English, French
Many years ago a friend gave me a book of poetry for Christmas. I promptly did what every person would do after receiving a book of poetry for Christmas. I put in on my shelf (dirty shelf, clean the shelf) and promptly forgot about it. Many years later, wanting to make room in my cramped NYC apartment, I started clearing off the shelf and rediscovered said book of poetry. It was called B is for Bad Poetry by Pamela August Russell. All it took was the first few pages to know is was one of the greatest collections of bad poetry.

Ever a fan of comedy in choral music, I went right to work picking texts. Soon a pattern started to emerge. The ones that called to me centered around relationships and the underlying feelings that go along with them. Not wanting to “flog a dead horse,” I felt the pieces should be short and all be in very different styles reflecting the sensibility of each of Pamela’s pearls of wisdom. If you laugh at least once, then my mission has been a success.

Special thanks to Pamela August Russell for giving me the right to use her delightful work and Perry Townsend for his ability to bring them to life.
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