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The Sweet Way of Life

Jazz/Swing • 2022

The Sweet Way of Life

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Seller Aiden Seber
PDF, 1.54 Mb ID: SM-000541849 Upload date: 02 Nov 2022
Electric guitar, Bass guitar, Vibraphone, Tambourine, Alto Saxophone, Baritone Saxophone, Drum set, Soprano Saxophone, Shaker, Bass Saxophone, Contrabass Saxophone, Sopranino Saxophone, Vibraslap
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Large ensemble (9 or more players)
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Full score, Parts
Aiden Seber
Very difficult
This piece was made about a year ago with crappy music software and now I found the file and basically completely redid it. As a saxophone player, this saxophone ensemble piece is awesome. Keep in mind this is my first time writing a proper jazz piece. I hope you enjoy!
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comments Sebastian Thrawler 26 Nov 2022 02:33

Great music. Especially for being your first jazz piece! I love the idea but finding and buying each of the saxophones needed is probably pretty difficult. I can't imagine too many places that sell subcontrabasses or sopranissimos. But I wish luck to any saxophone ensemble that wants to play this!

0:00 The Sweet Way of Life