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One and a Half

Classical/Contemporary • 2019

One and a Half

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Seller Ivan Elezovic
PDF, 1.05 Mb ID: SM-000542311 Upload date: 21 Nov 2022
Piano, Toy piano
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Score for two performers
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Ivan Elezovic
It has been a great privilege to have an opportunity to compose a piece for the piano and toy piano. Fascination with the toy piano came from its timbral possibilities, characteristic range, physical distances between the keys, and specific techniques of playing it by exploring various performance solutions by the performers. Each movement is initialized by the particular motive that, in linking with already introduced ideas from the previous movements, it builds its own form which gradually becomes distinguishable and unique. Presentation of musical materials is divided equally by the instruments where growing fascination in assigning different instruments to perform an identical music material becomes a norm. By creating such an ambience, various tone colors, characteristic articulation markings, and extensive register differences between the instruments become predominant factors in listening this composition.
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