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Here is a Child

Pop/Song • 2012 • Lyricist: John Lovell

Here is a Child

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Seller John Lovell
PDF, 338.6 Kb ID: SM-000085630 Upload date: 08 Jan 2012
Piano, Acoustic guitar, Voice
Scored for
Solo, Accompanying piano
Type of score
Piano-vocal score
E major
John Lovell
John Lovell
A Nostalgic Look back to Childhood

1st Verse & Chorus:
A story told in black and white,
Delivered by a magical square of light.
And through a child's eye quickly absorbed;
No adventure left unexplored.
Imaginary foes made from plastic men
Fighting wars for you on the Galactic rim
In spaceships made from building blocks
And love-worn dolls in tattered frocks.

Take a child; see the man
Shaping his world all he can.
And in his mind he can save us all
From monsters; for he is a Superman
Destroying aliens with a master plan.
For here is a child, not yet the man.
He is the future; he is you.

Provided with Piano Part and Guitar Chording

Music Sample synthesised on Roland Sound Canvas

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