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Movement to Movement for cello solo, 3rd movement

Classical/Contemporary • 2010

Movement to Movement for cello solo, 3rd movement


Uploader Na Wu
PDF, 165.4 Kb ID: SM-000085658 Upload date: 09 Jan 2012
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Type of score
For a single performer
3 to 3 from 4
Na Wu
Movement to Movement was written from September 2010, as a fresh first year master composition student from Asia, I have combined different new ideas and thinking into this piece during the process since I come to Europe, and defined the music in different ways bit by bit. The “movement” doesn’t just mean the “part” of the music, but also shows how the music goes with the change of my understanding of the composition and gives the audiences imaginable spaces to feel it. The piece was basic made on the relationship of notes (minor 2nd and major 2nd) and was extended to the wider schedules, tables even pictures. Also the possibilities of sound effect on cello are an important part. I expect to make audiences feel not only hearing, but also vision, sense, from subjective or objective.
---Wu Na

(fur Teilnehmer Kompositionswettbwerb ZHdK)
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