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A Lullaby for Innocence

Classical/Contemporary • 2001

A Lullaby for Innocence

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Seller Dana Carlile
PDF, 10.19 Mb ID: SM-000086160 Upload date: 20 Jan 2012
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Dana Carlile
Dana Carlile
A selection of solo piano works from Dana Carlile's CD A Lullaby for Innocence and other of his CDs.
Deja Vu Scarlatti, A Lullaby for La Rouchefoucauld
Deja Vu Satie, Gymnopedie
Melody No. 3 in G Major, Lullaby of the Waltz
Berceuse No. 1 in G Minor, Dream of the Swan
Berceuse No. 2 in G Major, Pompeii from the Sea
Lullaby No. 3 in A Dorian, Metamorphosis of a Celtic Melody
Lullaby No. 4 in C Major, Summer Wind in the Tall Grass
Mazurka No. 3 in B flat Major, Ravel’s Cat on the Piano
Oblique No. 2 in E Minor, Mephisto’s Lullaby
Pensive No. 2 in C Minor, Song of the Swan
Siesta No. 3 in F Major, Dreaming of Sleep
Waltz No. 3 in D Major, The Lilt of Innocence
Waltz No. 7 in F Minor, The Blue Mountains
Waltz No 16 in C Major, The Ghosts are Dancing at Shaniko
Waltz No 17 in C Major, Tumbleweed Waltz
Waltz No 18 in G Minor, Once is not enough
Waltz No. 1 in A Flat Major, Naïveté
Waltz No 23 in C Major, Alluring Fascination
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