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Who Am I?

Film / TV / Show/Musical • 1975 • Lyricist: Gary Edwards

Who Am I?

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Seller Gary Edwards
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Flute, Violin, Acoustic guitar, Electric guitar, Bass guitar, Drum set, Mixed choir: Soprano
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Solo, Salon Orchestra
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Full score
A major
3 to 3 from 21
Gary Edwards
This is song #3 in a musical revue entitled Karaoke Nights. There are also TV sitcom and screenplay versions of this musical revue. This song was the opening credits song in a movie How To Date Beautiful Women produced by Gary A. Edwards in the summer of 2011.

Who Am I? (Female version)

Verse 1
I know you, you’re a dreamer and a poet . . . but who am I?
I know what you want and how to show it. . . but who am I?
All this time I’ve been so lonely, waiting for someone to call me his only.
Trying to tell the real from the phony. . . but who am I?

Verse 2
You seem to know just where you are going. . . but where am I?
And you have faith in the song you are singing. . . but life is passing me by.
Every day is full of confusion. Everyone is full of delusion.
And only you can answer the question. . . Who am I?

Only you give my life meaning.
When I am down you pull me up.
Life is so sweet when I am with you.
Help me build a world for us.

Verse 3
The older I get the less I know. Who am I?
What’ll you bet I never grow up, but who am I?
But I’d like to spend my life, telling everyone that I am you’re wife.
Please let it be the answer when I cry. . . who am I?

Copyright © 1975 by Gary A. Edwards
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