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Customers' Testimonials


I am very grateful to the creators of the music platform MusicaNeo for the opportunity to share my music with the wide audience. It is important for every creative person – to be heard! The website is well-planned and organized, it is easy to work with. An important advantage for me is the presence of Blog section, where I can announce new music works, publish info about the concerts and new releases, share my reflections about music. What’s more, MusicaNeo is an opportunity to find and communicate with the like-minded people! I am pleased to discover the works of my fellow colleagues – contemporary composers living in various spots of the world – and analyze the general tendencies in music: what they write about, how they do it, what instruments they use. It’s a shame MusicaNeo platform didn’t appear on the web earlier – so many music pieces had been piling in the desk for years! Thank you, MusicaNeo! You are inspiring for new music achievements!

— Lena Orsa, composer, arranger, pianist.

Having registered on MusicaNeo about 9 months ago I can testify that I am very pleased with this decision. An important factor for me is the feeling of being "in control" - it is up to me to upload, share and promote my music, and I do not have to share an agent, who might or might not be of sufficient help. As for promotion - indeed MusicaNeo assists with that too, e.g. the promotion of Christmas-related music has helped me sell my work, as also being among the "featured" composers. Whenever I need help, MusicaNeo have always promptly reply and assist efficiently. Highly recommended!

— Annie Helman, composer, arranger.

Thanks a bunch! You are an amazing company! I'm very glad I've sold my music on your website over these past several years. It's been a great experience. Keep up the good work!

— Doug Clyde, composer (ALBEDO MUSIC).

Finding a good platform to sell my scores and sheet music of the pieces I write took some time, but I've found it in Musicaneo. It enables me to give a number of pieces away for free and a number of them are for sale, and this has proven to work: musicians are downloading and purchasing my music! I'm very happy to be able to reach people who are interested in my music this way and that's why I heartily recommend Musicaneo.

— Emiel Stöpler, composer and classical / fingerstyle guitarist.

    Zwolle, the Netherlands.

MusicaNeo provides an awesome platform and ample opportunities for contemporary composers to let the world become familiar with their music. I personally encourage any composer to use this great site.

— Maestro Prof. Dr. Emil Khoury, composer, conductor

I am a composer of sacred choral music and classical. Concentrate on writing music and to publicize my work I had forgotten something and very fonfamentale importantante for me, thank the group of friends MusicaNeo. These guys have created a wonderful website so perfect that all the composers in the world can enter their work in both scores in audio, video, describing their feelings of composers on their personal page, wonderful. For people like me that in life he wrote over 400 works, the problem was how to get to know this amount of work and publicizzarla. MusicaNeo is successful, giving me the opportunity to put my whole life's work with music category for special catalogs. Now the world knows me as a composer, and watch and listen to my works, all thanks to MusicaNeo that never leaves me alone. Thanks, I feel fortunate and proud to be part of this big family.

— Santino Cara, sacred and classical composer of Rome, Italy

In my opinion, no praise is too high for the members of the Support Team of MusicaNeo. They are not only extremely efficient (which is a wonderful thing in itself these days), but they somehow manage to couple it (and this is the important thing) with friendliness and warmth.
In this day of pre-recorded messages and computer-generated notices, it is infinitely warming to know that one is dealing with real, live human beings at the other end who are not only genuinely interested in one, but who are prepared to "go that extra mile" to help with any difficulties or problems one may have.
Everyone today - even toddlers and babies still in the cot! - seem to have an in-built understanding of how computers work! But speaking personally, when I first joined MusicaNeo, I was a complete ignoramus about them and I bombarded the team with boring, elementary questions about how to do this, that and the other. Although I felt extremely embarrassed about it all, I needn't have worried. They took me by the hand, so to speak, and with unfailing patience guided me through all the many problems I experienced caused by my own ignorance. They needn't have done this. Afterall, it's not their job. Music is their field of expertise, but not once was I made to feel that I was a nuisance or an irritating, stupid duffer.
For this and their unfailing courtesy and encouragement, I would like to thank each and everyone of them. As far as I'm concerned they're all Stars!
As for MusicaNeo itself - what a glorious Alladdin's Cave of treasures it is. It's a musicians paradise, and I am ever grateful for the day I discovered it.

— Thurstan Bassett, composer, lyricist, painter, journalist

What I find best about musicaneo is the all round professional attitude. They stay in touch with me, I know they check my score uploads and mp3 files. They have improved their site and my accounts profile page to make it easy for me to organize my works. The ability to function as my own publisher with licenses is what brought me to musicaneo. No other site considers the business of selling scores, and protecting the composer's works. Especially, where I have hands on to determine how these are to be handled.
Keep up the good work; you take a load off my mind so I can concentrate on what I do best.

— Winthrop Brookhouse, composer, arranger

The folks at Load.CD/MusicaNeo are easy to work with. They go the extra mile for you and really want you to succeed. Thumbs up!

— Larry Tarof, composer, arranger, pianist, musician

I think the Load.CD website is a great idea - it's international, it's free and looks professional. I'm pleased at the way my music is being presented.

— Jaquie Daniels, composer, arranger, text author

Load.CD has provided a wonderful platform for me to make my own scores available to the public and to learn about music of other composers as well. Thank you!

— Deborah Yardley Beers, composer, pianist, piano teacher

Load.CD is a great opportunity to sell scores on-line. And it's free to submit a piece - what could be better!

— Malcolm Dedman, composer, text author

Hi, thanks for your help, I think Load.CD gives great opportunities and possibilities for young composers. Thanks again! Art

— Arthur Gevorgyan, composer

Load.CD is a wonderful thing for us composers. You have done a lot for me, so I just would like to say: “Thanks ever so much for everything you do!” I can only recommend to all composers to register with Load.CD.

— Werner Schneider-Wiegand, composer, arranger, text author

The offer of Load.CD provides good opportunities for me. I really appreciate the staff of Load CD. Also, I'm totally satisfied.

— Kwija Kim, composer, arranger, text author

I have been using Load.CD for about one year now and I must say that I am satisfied with absolutely everything! Also the contact with the support team of your website leaves a very positive impression. Thank you!

— Vladimir Polionny, composer

Load.CD is just awesome! The right kind of platform for me!

— Anke Zohm, composer, arranger, text author

What does Load.CD signify in the contemporary musical world? It’s a step towards the exchange of the most current information, it’s a chance to actively participate in the cultural life and an opportunity to join fellow musicians and be a part of the world musical process.

— Anastasiya Komlikova, composer, arranger, text author

An excellent, professional and worthy site, which offers wonderful possibilities for a composer. I’m happy to be able to publish my music and sell it directly to buyers! Good luck!

— Andrey Vinogradov, composer, arranger

Load.CD is an excellent way to make your music available to the world. It not only gives you the opportunity to sell your music and performing rights in a very professional way, but it also offers you an active support team that will efficiently help you in any situation. I strongly recommend it.

— Xavier Pagès i Corella, composer, arranger

The question of an advanced sales platform for contemporary sheet music is one of the most complex and crucial for a composer. Reading sheet music involves some professional practice, while most of the music amateurs today are not able to perform by themselves, or even to play their favorite music approximately. Unfortunately, sheet music becomes a subject of something exclusive and belongs to some special circle of "initiates" music enthusiasts. The Load.CD project allows a big audience to become a member of this circle of these “initiates”. The access to digital sheet music opens new ways of distribution, promotion and learning music. I would like to wish the Load.CD project further creative and professional success!

— Anton Tanonov, composer, arranger

I think that the main goal for every composer is to share his ideas by setting free his works from their lockers to the wide space of Load.CD. Thanks for giving me this opportunity.

— Dr. Ali Osman, composer, text author

Load CD is a great way to find music scores.

— Michael Repoulis, composer, arranger

I enjoy using the site and have found it a useful way to distribute sheet music so thank you!

— James Christie Brown, sacred music composer

Load.CD is a great way to connect with musicians and provides an easy way to upload scores and parts. The fact that Load.CD does not charge a fee upfront, and that you can upload files in a variety of formats makes the process easier.

— Paul Burnell, composer, arranger, lyricist is a unique combination of sheet music repository and composer websites. Classical and contemporary music is easily accessible in groundbreaking format. A new concept in publishing!

— Martin Twycross, composer, performer

I’ve been a Load.CD member for almost four month now and must admit that I am absolutely satisfied with this way to present my creative work. I think that the most remarkable things about this platform are the technical tools for the files upload, texts editing, insertion of images, publication of news and announcements, and subsequent corrections. All this seems so simple, thanks to its professional organization – and therefore everything highly effective and fast to use. Also impressive is the discreet, continous customer care which always gives an overview about own uploaded materials, downloads, purchases or helpful indications of possible copyright dissensions. The major aim of Load.CD – to present the composers’ compositions to a wide clientele in the best d professional way - is solved here perfectly. I have not the slightest doubt that the usefulness of Load.CD for the musicians will simply grow and amplify.

— Bernd Gehring, composer, arranger, lyricist

Probably the easiest way to publish your sheet music online. Furthermore, Load.CD provides good quality and professional services, and what is even more important: security for your scores and your earnings. I highly advise composers to join this quick-growing community, especially the young ones.

— Oriol López Calle, composer, arranger

The offer of Load.CD to make the heritage of Ernst Levy, a treasure of music history, which is kept in our library, accessible in digital form to interested artists and amateurs has convinced us. We expect this will grant not only additional attention to the composer, but also safeguard the conservation of the original manuscripts.

— University of Basel, The University Library

The services of Load.CD provide the opportunity for the contemporary composer to make available original scores to an international community of musicians. The individual web pages of all contributors to the site enhance the perception of this community. The staff of Load.CD exercises the highest level of professionalism, and I think the site itself testifies to their commitment to quality.

— Dr. James C. Burke, composer, geographer

In this period of fast developments of the Internet and the increasingly difficult situation traditional sheet music publishers are in, Load.CD is unique, very helpful and, first of all, a project coming at the right time. It enables composers to publish their sheet music for free and also set independently prices on their works without binding themselves to any contract. All users have the great opportunity not only to have a look at the sheet music, to listen to audio files and to read annotations, but also to get information about the author, including the possibility to write their own comments and to contact the composers.

— Dmitri Capyrin, composer

I think it is great how easily people can download sheet music here.

— Renate Fink, musical instrument maker “Violins & Viols”

It is a very interesting and easy-to-use platform for down- and uploading sheet music from a composer’s prospective as well as from an educational point of view and for study programs. The flexible rights and financial management, a large amount of free sheet music and an easy navigation and search function make this website unique in its field. I would like to thank the whole Load.CD team and wish them a successful development for the project.

— Rachiya Esayan, composer, viola player, conductor

I like the concept of Load.CD for composers very much.

— Rudolf Kelterborn, composer, performer, writer enables me to publish my sheet music online for free. Thereby they become available to the whole world without paying the biggest part of my fees to publishers. Besides that I can adjust the price in accordance with the demand.

— Michelle Diehl, composer, arranger, violinist

I think that exactly such interesting services like the ones provided by Load.CD, will make the contemporary academic music popular. They are driving more attention of many people to the contemporary composers. And as for musicians, it is very convenient for them to sell the sheet music on Load.CD directly to the customers without any mediators. This serves as an additional positive stimulus to create. Thank you for that!

— Artem Nikitenko, composer, pianist
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