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Outside of a Small Circle of Friends

World / Etnico

Para vocais e piano (ou Guitarra)

Partitura para impressão, 1 cópia • 4 Páginas, ID: SM-000118640
Piano, Voz, Guitarra clássica
“Outside Of A Small Circle Of Friends” is a song by the American protest singer Phil Ochs. It was published in 1966 and became of one the artist’s most popular compositions. The song was part of his album “Pleasures of the Harbor” and was also released as a single in 1967, gathering generally positive reviews from the critics. The song was inspired by a true story of a girl who got stabbed and died in New York while people ignored her cries. “Outside Of A Small Circle Of Friends” symbolizes the social indifference and lack of responsibility for the people around us. It highlights the human feature of caring only for one’s ‘close circle of friends’ and not wishing to help those who are out of it.
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comments Maximus 12 abr 2016 11:37

Unfortunately, the song's message will remain up-to-date for many years to come. We aint getting any better as humans, sadly

comments Samuel Stone 11 jul 2014 14:12

Phil's got a very witty mind for writing song texts) that's a really timeless song as the idea that's in it, human apathy, indifference and egoism are unfortunately the problems of humanity at all its stages


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