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Voluntary in D Major. Andante Largo, Op.6 No.5

Clássico/Arranjo • 1752 • Titulo arternativo: Trumpet Voluntary in D

Voluntary in D Major. Andante Largo

Título por Autor: Andante Largo | Voluntary, Op.6 No.5

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vendedor David Cason
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Violino, Viola, Violoncelo
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David Cason
Cantabile Music
The "Andante Largo" from the Voluntary, Op.6 No.5 of John Stanley, arranged for string quartet.

Commonly known as the "Trumpet Voluntary in D", this wedding staple is the middle movement of a longer composition. A trumpet voluntary is not actually a specific piece, but rather a class of music (much as one might refer to a minuet and trio). Additionally, it was not written for a trumpet at all, but for an organ employing the trumpet stop on the melody line.

This GigReady edition is easy to read and includes measure numbers on every measure, rehearsal marks on major sections, and optimized page turns.

Set of four parts.
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0:00 Andante Largo | Voluntary