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Come and let us bless Joseph (Iori, Cm, 2-4vx, any choir) - RU

Religioso/Ortodoxa • 2015 • Lírico: old sacred text • Titulo arternativo: Приидите ублажим Иосифа приснопамятного, Come and let us bless Joseph of evelasting memory, Come and humour Joseph, Oh come and appease Joseph memorable, Приидите ублажим, Стихира на Целование Плащаницы, Sticheron for Ceremony of Kissing the Shroud

Come and let us bless Joseph (Iori, Cm, 2-4vx, any choir) - RU


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autor Rada Po
PDF, 9.01 Mb ID: SM-000243420 data do carregamento: 02 abr 2016
coro misto, Coro feminino, Coro masculino, Coro infantil
Composição para
Dueto, Trio, Quarteto, Coral
Tipo de composição
Partitura vocal
Dó (C) menor
Rada Po
Rada Po
Russo, Eslavo eclesiástico
The score-transformer, for 2-4 voices (any staff):
2 voices - use melody and bass (any octaves)
3 voices (homogeneous choir) - use bass in higher octave
3 voices (mixed choir) - as is, the melody may be used lower than the second part
4 voices (mixed choir) - use the bass line for the second and the fourth voices (with octave difference)
Russian transliteration of Church-Slavic text.

The score also contains the duet shifting after main music text.

This Sticheron ('Come and let us bless Joseph of everlasting memory') on Shroud kissing ceremony (The Great Friday, Lent) was based on ancient Iori tune (podoben 'Trisagion'), arranged by Rada Po and performed by Mefody's Choir (CDBaby release 2016, Apr).

Audio fragment:
© Copyright - Rada Pokarzhevskaya / Mefody's Choir (190394426392)
Genre: Classical: Choral Music
Release Date: 2016

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