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I'm Just Crazy Over You – 10-piece Brass Ensemble

Jazz/Swing • 2014

I'm Just Crazy Over You – 10-piece Brass Ensemble

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vendedor Mike Lyons
PDF, 517.3 Kb ID: SM-000303637 data do carregamento: 21 out 2017
Trombone tenor, Barítono, Corneta Alto, Corneta, Eufónio, Trompa francesa, Trombone, Trombeta, Tuba, Chifre do Tenor, Bateria, Fliscorne, Bass Tuba, Soprano Cornet, Percussão
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Mike Lyons
This piece is dedicated to my wonderful partner and soul mate. There are words (though this isn't important for the performance) which match the rhythm of the main melody.

The style is very jazzy and after the slower introduction, the tempo at letter a is uptempo but still with a swing. The tuba/bass player can be free to improvise or comp on the bass line from letter A.

The Parts supplied are:

Part 1a in Eb (Soprano cornet if available)
Part 1 in Bb )
Part 2 in Bb ) Cornets
Part 3 in Bb )
Part 4 in Bb/Eb/F (Flugelhorn/Solo Horn/Horn in F
Part 5 in Bb/Eb/F/C (1st Horn/1st Baritone/horn in F)
Part 6 in Bb/Eb/F/C (2nd Horn/2nd Baritone/Horn in F)
Part 7 in Bb/C (1st Trombone)
Part 8 in Bb/C (2nd Trombone)
Part 9 in Bb/C (Euphonium)
Part 10 in Bb/Eb/C (Bb Bass/Eb Bass)

I'm just crazy over you
I'm just crazy over you
And the little things you do
When I am with you
And you make my heart race, too
When I'm with you
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