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March - So Fly the Eagles – Brass Band

Clássico/Marcha • 2013

March - So Fly the Eagles – Brass Band

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vendedor Mike Lyons
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Trombone baixo, Trombone tenor, Barítono, Corneta Alto, Corneta, Eufónio, Trompa francesa, Trombone, Tuba, Chifre do Tenor, Bateria, Fliscorne, Bass Tuba, Soprano Cornet, Contrabass Tuba
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Mike Lyons
An original march dedicated to The Eagley Band, with whom I have a very long association

The opening section is quite chaotic, as the eagles flap their wings and get ready for take-off. Then they are off with a run and a leap and we hear the first theme, a martial tune in the solo euphonium, with fanfare-like interjections on the cornets. At letter B, the tune is expanded to encompass the other sections of the band. Then at letter C, a new idea is introduced which has little obbligato tweets from the soprano and repieno on the repeat.

The bass solo continues the military idea with aggressive fanfare interjections over the bass melody.

The trio changes style completely and should be played as lightly and delicately as possible. The leaps on baritone and trombones should be clear and well articulated but should fit into the general texture rather than stick out abruptly.

At letter G, the grace notes should be played by only one player in each section to avoid sounding like clucking chickens. The grace notes should be extremely light.
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