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Prelude in F 'For my Teachers'

Clássico/Peça • 2018

Prelude in F 'For my Teachers'

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vendedor Mitch Boucher
PDF, 912.0 Kb ID: SM-000324449 data do carregamento: 23 jan 2018
Clavicórdio, Cravo, Órgão
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Tipo de composição
For a single performer
Fá (F) maior
Mitch Boucher
This work is a little unusual in the sense that I don't know what its true form is. The subject is treated in a fugal sense, however it is also canonical; presented at point in the bass clef and treble with each counterpoint inverted likewise, I simply call it a prelude. It could be considered an invention or a canon or a fugue...but I honestly don't know.

The subject is personal to me, and it is a giant 'thank you' to my professors---those who taught me in composition or keyboard. Their first or last names are the building-blocks of the theme. Note half-way through the piece how the notes descend chromatically; the subject of mourning or sadness....but it is meant to be bittersweet. I have been involved for ten years; ten years, five teachers---if you multiply the two, you get 50. Therefore the work is fifty measures long!
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