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As Dante (To hell and back)

Pop/Ballad • Lírico: Monica Bergo • Titulo arternativo: To hell and back

As Dante (To hell and back)

Título por Autor: ♫ *'¨` * • .¸¸. As Dante ♫ ♫ (To hell and back) *'¨` * • .¸¸. ♫


autor Monica Bergo
PDF, 285.7 Kb ID: SM-000385368 data do carregamento: 07 abr 2020
Tipo de composição
For a single performer
Monica Bergo
Music and song composed by me

♫ *'¨` * • .¸¸. As Dante ♫ ♫ *'¨` * • .¸¸. ♫
I'd recognize anywhere
and millions your eyes
when will my time
I certainly find it
my rebellious soul
that more chains will not have
over the time and distances
Your light will follow

and how Dante
I will commence from the bottom
the deepest hell
between the screams of the damned
three groans and sins
between greedy and slothful
but you're not here
I feel that changes and transforms
the essence takes shape
love transfigures
removes all fear
I find you I swear
I'll take you with me

memories, images in my mind
2 of us in the excerpt of apparent life
for us that we are in hell were forged
on us a tear and 100 sins
I do not believe, do not watch and do not feel
You that rest and peace have reached
and then suddenly appears to me your face
We are in hell for us is heaven ...
wrists tied, I do not care
You squeeze to hurt me

think of me stronger
and shalt see my colors
It was death
to turn me but you can
repaint me and then
I'll be whatever you want
as in life
if you want me wind
I breath and the evils I will comfort
If you want me want rose
scent the air and will blossom
As Dante told
We are Paolo and Francesca
2 doves and then just
and I find the joy of living
reborn and fight
to recover what in life we
we never had
everyone is looking for
and chase
and then expect
strange to say but
I find it here
On flames on hell
as Dante that one day
for that dark forest left

dance, dance
white souls
purgatory are never tired
why the hell is a real torture
but it is the paradise that do more scares
and how Dante but without Virgilio
I try by myself to my best
because Charonte accept my toll
conceal my love and now we are already on journey

how strange my mind
that does not have any rest
It has no limits or boundaries
and fear a little 'makes me
is my curse
as a mark on the skin
but as said one on last Dante
I go out to see the stars
that day will come and then I swear
I look for you and take you to a safe place
Please , just remember only my face
and will not be hell will be heaven ...
Monica Bergo
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