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Jazz guitar lesson: Intervallic Harmonic Concept

Clássico/Instrumental • Titulo arternativo: Concepto interválico de la harmonía (clase de guitarra jazz)

Jazz guitar lesson: Intervallic Harmonic Concept

Título por Autor: Jazz Guitar Lesson: Intervallic Harmonic Concept

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Guitarra Acústica
Tipo de composição
Livro texto, Tablatura
OLC Barcelona Sheet Music
Jazz guitar lesson about chords and harmony.
Simone Gubbiotti, author, says: "I've been attending many clinics and workshops during my musical experience and i had the luck to meet and play with hundreds of
guitar players coming form every corner of the world.
I noticed how much geometry can be important and essential and limiting at the same,especially when we repeat constantly the same
chord moving the shapes up and down the neck.
In this workshop i tought to take advantage from this limit to generate millions of chords and colors without repating any note.
In this case the piano is pretty inspring to give us an horizontal perspective while the guitarist tend to look at the instrument
The method that i'm going to show you is also very interesting to develop the harmonic sense,to be able to chhoce the best option
considering all the tensions,like a painter who has to decide what kind of green to use."

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