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Clássico/Contemporâneo • 2012



autor Brandon Wall
PDF, 141.5 Kb ID: SM-000088590 data do carregamento: 05 mar 2012
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For a single performer
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Brandon Wall
One day I was laying in my bed reading a message from an old friend of mine. It was a reply from a message I had first sent her asking how she was doing. Her reply was she was in the process of recovering from surgery that was performed to remove a tumor. As I read the message, I started feeling sorry for her and as this emotion was overflowing me I started to hear this song as clear as day. I got up from the bed, went straight to the piano, and started playing this song. Hope you enjoy.
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comments Brandon Wall 06 mar 2012 15:49

Hmm I heard of Sibelius before. I was introduced to Finale Print Music. It was a simple program for constructing piano notation. I didn't know you created all that music just using a program without a piano. By looking at your music I could have sworn that your mom and dad had you in music classes all your life lol. I started off my musical journey by first purchasing an 88 key piano keyboard from the local pawn shop. Got a midi input and plugged it into my "Windows" computer. Only problem was that the computer wasn't registering the keys properly so I spent a year recording my music using a video camera so I could remember how the music sounded. Later I decided to post the videos on Facebook and youtube. Now I have a Mac that registers the keys properly and that what I now use for my music. If you have time check out my videos at criticism and opinions are welcomed. You are far ahead of me. Keep up the great work and I wish you great success!!

comments Andrew Wood 06 mar 2012 14:44

Hi Brandon, Thank you for your message, It's nice to get a bit of encouragement. I actually started composing about 6 months ago. Entirely from scratch and i am entirely self taught. I compose by ear on Sibelius software as my house isn't even big enough for a piano. My love for music and telling stories and emotions through music is so great even a barrier like at first not even being able to read music (i can now) wasn't big enough to stop me. Most of the music i write i really wish to envoke an emotion or feeling to an audience that i can see. This is why i prefer to offer my music with the purchase of a license. I like to KNOW that i am making an audience feel things. It means my work is going the right way. I will however work on some pieces that i may put on for free. But i am very busy working on a rather large piano project at the moment. You and I seem to have very VERY similar musical philosophies. We both seek what i call, 'Musical truth' :)

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