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Puppet on a String (Sandie Shaw)


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“Puppet on a String” is the song that became the winner of the Eurovision Song Contest in 1967. It was performed by the British pop music artist Sandie Shaw and became her 13th single. After being chosen as the No.1 song of Europe, “Puppet on a String” got immense popularity: it was translated and sung in over 30 languages and got about 200 cover versions. The song topped the Singles Chart of UK for 3 weeks and got both on Billboard Hot 100 and the Adult Contemporary Chart. Other popular songs by Sandie Shaw include “Always Something There to Remind Me”, “Long Live Love”, “Monsieur Dupont” and others.
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comments Tim Rod 22 июл 2014 12:20

1967/ so gorgeous, this song embraces the whole era.


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