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A Noonday Jig for hulusi (or flute) and strings

Этномузыка/Китайская • 2014

A Noonday Jig for hulusi (or flute) and strings

9.00 USD

Продавец Дэвид Соломонс
ZIP, 2.28 Мб ID: SM-000199069 Дата публикации: 23 фев 2014
Флейта, Скрипка, Альт, Виолончель, Хулусы
Состав исполнителей
Камерный оркестр
Тип нот
Партитура, Партии
Дэвид Соломонс
Уровень сложности
Средний уровень
Время звучания
There appears to be a connection between Celtic and Chinese music, maybe it's simply the pentatonic scale, maybe there is more to it. Anyway, following the Early morning piece for hulusi and strings I decided to compose a jig for noon time

As before, the hulusi part can be played by a flute (again: The slide for the flute is played by gradually placing the finger on or sliding or gradually taking it off the tone hole, or by rolling the headjoint to create a pitch modulation.)

The zip file contains score and parts and also an mp3 of the string accompaniment in case a hulusi or flute performer would like to play along with it.
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0:00 A Noonday Jig for hulusi (or flute) and strings