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Kitty in the Straw

Классика/Пьеса • Альтернативное название: Turkey in the Straw

Kitty in the Straw

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Продавец Adrienne McKinney
PDF, 942.8 Кб ID: SM-000202518 Дата публикации: 22 мар 2014
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Adrienne McKinney
Adrienne McKinney
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Based on the familiar folk song, "Turkey in the Straw," this piece is an arrangement I made for my 9-year-old daughter. After trying three or four other arrangements of this tune (at her request, I might add), she determined it was simply too hard and gave up. So, I offered to arrange it myself and let her choose a title and draw the artwork. She performed it seven days later at my piano studio recital. Success!
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comments Adrienne Fero McKinney 31 мар 2014 19:10

Thank you so much! I'm glad you enjoyed the story. :) ~Adrienne

comments favmusic2 29 мар 2014 18:11

Going to 'gift' my piano-teacher friend with this...she teaches composition as part of her piano lessons, so perhaps the young student to whom she gives this piece will be even more motivated to compose herself! [Thanks for a cute piece with a nice 'backstory.'] - J.