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C3 for trumpet (in Bb or C) and organ

Классика/Камерная музыка • 2008

C3 for trumpet (in Bb or C) and organ

Название пользователя: Jean-Thierry Boisseau: C3 for trumpet (in Bb or C) and organ

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Продавец Musik Fabrik
PDF, 640.9 Кб ID: SM-000338755 Дата публикации: 27 июл 2018
Орган, Труба
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Тип нот
Партитура для двух исполнителей, Сольная партия
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Musik Fabrik
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This is a mini-concerto or a concerto de poche. The role of the organ and much more than a simple accompagnement. The work is, as one would wish to see traditionally, a kind of discussion between the two brotehr, first in agreement, then in disagreement and finally in agreement, centered around the same brief musical phrase. The work is deliberately tonal and neo-classical. It integrates different styles of profane and sacred music, without avoiding pastiche or even a musical quote. The registration indicated puts the trumpet in competition with certain organ stops, the reeds in particular. There is also use, if possible, for the traditional effections of the organ swell. It is suggested, never the less, to take care that the timbre of the trumpet is matched by those of the organ and also to use rubato moderately, only taking time during fermatas. This is a joyful work which the short Choral at the end of the first third, with its false Gregorian Theme, will never make it into a completely “serious” work.

The set includes parts for Bb and C trumpets
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