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Celtiberian Landscape For Harp And Orquestra


Celtiberian Landscape For Harp And Orquestra

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Продавец Anjos Teixeira
PDF, 3.73 Мб ID: SM-000367579 Дата публикации: 03 июл 2019
Челеста, Флейта, Кларнет, Фагот, Гобой, Английский рожок, Валторна, Тромбон, Труба, Туба, Скрипка, Альт, Виолончель, Контрабас, Арфа, Малый барабан, Колокольчики, Гонг, Треугольник, Тарелки, Большой барабан, Тимбалес, Смешанный хор: Сопрано, Альт, Тенор, Бас
Состав исполнителей
Хор, Симфонический оркестр
Тип нот
Партитура, Партии, Сольная партия
Политональная музыка
Anjos Teixeira
Уровень сложности
Время звучания
„Celtiberian Landscape“
For Harp and Symphonic orquestra
All the woodwind solo parts and the Horn can be doubled.
The chamber option for a minimum number of soloists would be,
1 Flute
1 Oboe
1 English Horn
1 Eb Clarinet
1 Bb Clarinet
1 Fagotte
1 Kontra Fagotte
1 F Horn
2 C Trumpet
2 Trombone
2 Tuba
Bells, „Glockenspiel“ or Piano
Percussion: gong, bass drum, snare, splash, triangle.
Celesta or Piano
Violin I
Violin II
DoubleBass Solo

In this PDF file, for each voice in the score there is an individual part ready to print.
Included in this file is also the full score for the choir with individual parts.
There is no text to be sung, so in the sense of a vocalizo „oh“ and „ah“ can be used „ad lieb“ by the singers.
For the bells there is an extra optional score that could be eventually used by a keyboard instrument.
The percussion could be performed by 3 or 4 musicians. It consists of a set of cymbals „G, A and C“, a splash or crash, an open triangle, a snare drum, One or 2 Gongs and a bass drum. For each voice in the ensemble score there is an individual part ready to print and an optional standard one. The parts are very easy to perform.
The piece is can easily be adjusted to different situations.
It is perfect for school ensembles and mixed groups of beginner students and advanced ones.

A little story about this piece
In my early teens I dreamed in my sleep that I met a very nice gentleman, in a beautiful garden.
At the time I did not now that the man in my dream was my „genetic“ Grandpa himself, I had never seen a picture from him, only many years later after this dream.
Now back to the Dream.
Grandpa toke me from the garden to a House full of sculptures and art work.
There was also a room with 3 great pianos, sat to perform on 3 different stages.
Family life size portraits where hanging on a corridor.
Another room was full of swords and ancient family weapons.
In the end of the dream a dangerous Entity approached the house, Grandpa disappears and I had to leave the place in a hurry without being noticed.
I climbed up the house and went hiding on the celling. I could than see a middle aged, middle-Lower class lady coming in the House, she was very stiff, all dressed in black like a widow. It was a very weary feeling, I woke up to never forget this dream.

About 20 years later I was in that garden. It was really abandoned and I spend much of my time hanging there, I wrote a lot of music in this garden.

I knew about The owner of this garden, he was living not so far away from me.
Curious I decided to visit him.
He leaved in the house that I dreamed of and he was actually my Father but I did not know that he was my Father and either did he knew about me being his son. He died shortly after we met. His name was Pedro Augusto Franco Dos Anjos Teixeira and my Grandpa was Artur Gaspar Dos Anjos Teixeira.

Thanks to Claudia Eppelt for the all the Love and cover design.
Special Thanks to Grandpa, Nina and Stray Queen Mimi, Carlinhos, Maria Pontinha, Maria Joaninha, Schwarzenegger, Maria Koboldinha.
For all Living beings on Earth, for all our Ancestors,
Thank You for all of You
All Your Love and Compassion.
Love Forever.

The score was written on Finale and the sound file was produced with Garritan instruments.

Thank You very much that You toke Your Time to read this text and to listen the file.
I hope You enjoy it,

Luis Anjos Teixeira
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