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Motor Bus for alto (or baritone) and guitar

Clássico/Canção • 1974 • Lírico: Alfred Denis Godley • Titulo arternativo: What is it that roareth thus

Motor Bus for alto (or baritone) and guitar

Título por Autor: Motor Bus – alto (or baritone) and guitar

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vendedor David W Solomons
PDF, 171.2 Kb ID: SM-000085692 data do carregamento: 10 jan 2012
Contra Alto, Contra Tenor, Barítono, Guitarra clássica
Tipo de composição
Score for two performers
David W Solomons
David W Solomons
Inglês, Latim, Macaronic
Humorous macaronic poem by A D Godley, in which he pokes gentle fun at people striving to learn the declension of nouns in Latin (or maybe it is meant as a learning aid...).
(The translation on the first page is my own, just for guidance, the song uses Godley's own poem).
The piece was written in a whole tone scale to emphasise the machine quality of the motor bus itself and the machine like quality of chanting Latin declensions.
The performance is my own.
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