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Prelude and Fugue No.2 for clarinet quartet, B152

Klassische Musik/Instrumentalmusik • 2006

Prelude and Fugue No.2 for clarinet quartet

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Verkäufer Colin Bayliss
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Colin Bayliss
After the first performance of the Prelude and Fugue [no.1] was given by the Fell Clarinet Quartet at Peel Hall, University of Salford on April 22nd, 2008, the composer decided to arrange the first movement of the Trio Sonata for flute, oboe and piano [B49]. (The first Prelude and Fugue was an arrangement of the second movement of this work.)
This piece was written in May 2008 and is dedicated to the Fell Clarinet Quartet (Helen Bywater, Marianne Rowles, Colin Blamey and Lenny Sayers), who gave the first performance, again at Peel Hall, on March 31st, 2009.

Again, the Prelude is serial, using the composer's "remainder note" technique on a nine-note row to dictate the direction of chords and melody, while retaining the conventional structure. The fugue continues to be virtually atonal but is still tongue-in-cheek.
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0:00 Prelude and Fugue No.2 for clarinet quartet