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String Quartet No.2, B33

Klassische Musik/Kammermusik • 1990

String Quartet No.2

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Verkäufer Colin Bayliss
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Geige, Bratsche, Cello
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Colin Bayliss
This was first written as Piano Sonata No.1 [B12] in late 1981. It was revised
into a string quartet in January 1990.
There are four movements, and all the thematic material, whether tonal, atonal or serial is derived from
the music of the first seven bars. After this opening, the first movement is written in a straightforward
sonata form, using a mixture of tonal and serial themes in constantly changing rhythms. The second
Adagio also contrasts tonal and serial themes, while the third movement is a short scherzo
and trio, with an atonal motif in the scherzo being treated in simple rhythms. A lyrical variation of the
main theme of the slow movement is used for the trio, and develops further into a simple diatonic tune.
The last movement is a kaleidoscopic treatment of the preceding thematic material, together with further
variations and short contrapuntal passages, to give the effect of a rondo. The motif from the beginning
of the whole work then returns as a coda to unify the quartet.

The sound sample is the second movement - performed by the Lochrian Ensemble
The complete 6 string quartets performed by the Lochrian Ensemble are available on itunes and Amazon:
and for this particular quartet:
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